Jamál Newsletter | Happy 9th and 12th Days of Ridván

We're checking in for the month of Jamál and wishing you, "continued resilience and undiminished vitality" during the month of Jamál. We continue to pray the Long Healing Prayer for humanity.

Joyous 9th and 12th Days of Ridván!

Download our coloring pages for Ridván. These were illustrated by Uncle Wei. 

Monthly Newsletter for Jamál


  • Dear Salva, Thank you for your comment! We apologize for that mix up. We heard by email from another friend – about the same thing and quickly corrected that error. Hope you were able to get the coloring pages on time! With love, Christi at Mine Rich in Gems

    Mine Rich in Gems
  • When I click on the 9th Day of Ridvan coloring pages, it shows the 12th Day of Ridvan. Is there any way to correct the attachement?


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