Unity Salad - Lesson & Craft

Sometimes, there is an occasion for grouping classes together for UNITY! Or, just having a fun celebration with lots of laughter and yummy, healthy food.  Here's something I've tried and seemed to work in my neighborhood in the north part of Singapore. 
First - when the children arrived, they would sign in on a cute sign in sheet. Then they would go to the homemade laminated, interfaith, colorful prayer cards in a box and hand them out to each person, as they gathered around the living room to start the children's class. They would each prepare to share their prayer card during the devotional start. Afterward, one student would be asked to collect the prayers (after awhile, the students knew what to do and would take leadership in providing those services). 
  1. Open with prayers
  2. Then, explain the lesson "Unity Salad". (We don’t all have to be the same to be good together…look at our salad, it’s much more delicious mixed with lots other fruits and even bits of dried fruit, marshmallows and...). with washed and sliced fruits - we're going to make a Unity in Diversity Salad!
  3. If time permits, read the story about unity, My Book of Unity & Brotherhood, by lili & wei shang
  4. Closing prayer
You'll need 1 large mixing bowl, & spoons for mixing; small bowls for kids & adult, spoons for eating! 
  1. It is best to plan ahead and ask the kids to bring washed and cut fruits; one bowl for each child will do…then recycle bowls as serving bowls…If kids don’t bring fruit, then teachers can prepare fruits and bring ready to mix and toss each child getting a bowl. 
  2. Fruits can be fresh and dried. Shredded coconut makes a nice touch.  (banana, pear, apple, grapes, dragon fruit, raisins...)
  3. Mini-marshmallows are cute, too.
  1. each child take a turn to dump their fruits in the large bowl
  2. Mix and add coconut and marshmallows…Yummy!
  3. Serve and enjoy the unity salad

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