MAXIE’S Origami Activity | DOWNLOAD


Maxie’s Lucky Wishing Stars

These stars are fun and simple to make! Start with a long strip of colored paper or ribbon… follow the folding instructions in this one-page pdf download!

Keep your lucky wishing stars in a jar and they can remind you of all the good wishes you have made! What will you wish for today?

As you read Maxie’s Monster and the Jar of Stars – think about the character qualities that we need to face our own monsters and shine our brilliant stars!  See this free virtues list poster download from The Virtues Project. Then write your virtues or affirming statements like “I practice patience when I feel frustrated” or “I practice friendliness and humor with new kids at school.” on your lucky wishing star strips. Then fold into stars!

You can make Ooey Gooey Chocolatey Chip Cookies from the story, too!