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A Jar of Stars…fun for all ages!
Lucky Wishing Stars are the easiest first step to mastering origami. 

Lesson: “Lucky Wishing Stars”

“…make of me a shining lamp and a brilliant star…” 

from a Baha’i Prayer for children 

  1. Open with prayers
  2. Talk about working together for the better good. That we needed to have certain qualities of soul such as truthfulness and trustworthiness. 
  3. Discuss behaviors that we should avoid and behaviors that make us better people. 
  4. You can tell or read the story The Legend of Hoshi and the Lucky Stars.
  5. Follow-up Activity: You can buy precut origami star paper in several sizes with directions at most stationary and craft stores. The larger paper is easier. Practice making a few so you come to class prepared. 
  6. Show your origami stars; let them choose the color and design they prefer from the prepared paper strips; fold; tuck; snip if necessary, then pinch…Voila! You have a 3-D Lucky Star. Too-cute!
  7. The first time will take longer, but in short order everyone will be making these cute little stars in minutes…then on to more difficult origami projects.
  8. Snack – how about some lucky star cookies!
  9. Closing prayer

This lesson and activity took 1 class period, about an hour. We grouped all ages together, younger ones coloring pre-cut paper stars from construction paper then slotted together to form a 3-D freestanding star. We needed heavier paper…but it still worked. Older kids learned to fold origami paper strips and pinch to make lucky origami stars. At first, we were frustrated, then got a hang of it. Just remember, the more stars the better your luck. We worked as a team and make quite a few.

“Truthfulness and trustworthiness involve much more than not telling lies; they embody the overarching capacity to discern, value, and uphold truth itself. Without these spiritual qualities, neither individual nor social progress is possible…is constant effort to develop truthfulness, trustworthiness, and justice, ensuring that they are ever-present in thought and action.”

In Maxie’s Monster and the Jar of Stars*, by Lili Shang, Maxie learns that it is no fun when other don’t trust you. Lying, cheating, stealing are ways to lose friends and respect. Read the story and find out how the origami stars reinforce good behavior. Then, make the Luck Origami Stars with the kids in your classes. 
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